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The Domaine Juliette Avril Estate is afamily-run wine estate. In 1988, Marie Lucile Brun took over management of theestate, succeeding her mother, Juliette Avril. Her son, Stephan Brun, joinedher in 2000 to head the estate's commercial, administrative and viticulturedepartments. The Domaine Juliette Avril's roots run long and deep. As FirstConsuls of Châteauneuf-du-Pape, the Avril family has cultivated centuries ofwinegrowing and Provençal tradition. A century after Frédéric Mistral, ourancestor Jules Avril was awarded the "Golden Cicada", symbol of theprestigious title of "Majoral du Félibrige", the Academy of theProvençal language... As early as 1928, before the Appellation of ControlledOrigin (A.O.C.) was officially introduced, Juliette Avril's father, Jean Avril,along with other local notable figures, participated in establishingfundamental rules for developing Châteauneuf-du-Pape wine.

Juliette Avril酒庄是一个家族酒庄。酒庄经理Marie Lucile Brun 从1988年开始接替其母亲 Juliette Avril女士管理酒庄。她的儿子Stephan Brun于2000年加入酒庄,辅助她管理商务、行政、以及葡萄种植方面的事务。Juliette Avril酒庄的历史渊源古老而深厚。说它古老,是因为在大革命之前Châteauneuf-du-Pape(教皇新堡)的首席长官Avril家族就有了种植葡萄的普罗旺斯传统。我们的祖先Jules Avril在Frédéric Mistral一个世纪之后也获得了普罗旺斯语言学院的“金蝉奖”—“菲列布里什文学流派领头人”头衔的象征。说它深厚,是因为从 1928年开始,在正式创立A.O.C(法定产区等级)之前,Juliette Avril的父亲Jean Avril就与其他名流一起参与了开发教皇新堡葡萄酒基本规则的制订。




The estate consists of 38 hectares ofvineyard, including 22 hectares of Châteauneuf-du-Pape, 6 hectares of Côtes duVentoux and 2 hectares of Vin de Pays de Vaucluse, Côtes du Rhône VillagesCairanne and Plan de Dieu. Half of vines in the vineyard are more than 50 yearsold, including Grenache, Syrah, Cinsault, Mourvèdre, and Roussane grapevarieties planted according to ancestral methods.


酒庄拥有 38 公顷的葡萄园,划分为 22 公顷的教皇新堡葡萄酒园区,6 公顷的旺图山丘葡萄酒园区和 2 公顷的沃克吕兹地区餐酒园区,Côtes du Rhône Village Cairanne and Plan de Dieu 。葡萄园中一半的葡萄树拥有超过 50 年的树龄,它们按照先辈沿传的方法栽种,有哥海娜、西拉、神索、慕合怀特、胡珊等品种的混合葡萄苗。



The Wines in Four Seasons


Through the seasons, we maintain, pamper,and carefully monitor our vines. 





Spring is the time when steps must be takento protect the vines from sicknesses, fungi and parasites. It's also the timefor a little spring cleaning: debudding. Certain buds are removed and thinned. Doingso thus removes any superfluous vegetation, thereby ensuring easier pruning.



The small plants are young and fragile,thus requiring regular watering in the morning's freshness. The famousharvesting period then begins in late August – early September. Thetranquillity of the vines is disturbed as several dozen workers enter the rowsto harvest the precious grapes…. armed with pruning shears and buckets… 



Following the major "disruption"of the harvest, the vine must be prepared to confront the other seasons: Winterploughing, tending to embankments, mowing, and seeding between the rows.




After tending to the vineyards, ourattention shifts to the vines themselves: pruning. The canes are pruned topromote new growth. These canes are then shredded. As spring approaches, newvinestock is planted in March. We then watch the sky for the spring rains thatwill ensure their proper growth.

在完成修整之后,我们为葡萄园旧貌换新颜:修剪时期。修剪嫩枝以便生长出新枝。将这些嫩枝捣碎。在三月份春天临近时,我们更新葡萄苗:这是种植的季节。我们仔细查看天气,希望雨水能够使葡萄苗茁壮成长。符合 ISO




The Domaine is equipped with anultra-modern cellar in which it vinifies its wine. Stainless steel tanks forvinification, pneumatic press and a temperature control system. Gravitytechniques are used as much as possible. Concrete tanks are used for the secondfermentation and storage of the wine. Ten-percent of our harvest is then placedin vats. Once the vinification process is completed, after 16 months of work,the vintage is bottled. Our wine cellar is certified to ISO9001 and HACCPstandards.

酒庄在一个非常现代的酒窖中进行酿造。用于酿造的不锈钢酿制机,气动压榨机和温度控制系统。我们最大限度地借助于重力作用进行工作。在水泥酿制机中进行葡萄酒的第二次发酵和存储。随后将采摘葡萄的10%放入大桶。等到 16个月的酿造工作结束后,葡萄酒按年份装瓶。最后需要说明,我们的酒窖符合 ISO9001 标准和 HACCP 标准。



Juliette Avril Châteauneuf-du-Pape Red

2011 | 14.5%vol |750ml 



教皇新堡Châteauneuf-du-Pape | 法国France这里


gros galets roulés,argile;vendange à la main,triage de la vendange,cuvaison longue. Tendre suople,riche,généreux,très...Château en sorte.sa force tranquille à l'harmonieuse balance entre acidité,tannins et matière en fait un tout qui remplira votre palais d'un plaisir immédiat en vous communiquant apaisement petits gibiers,viandes rouges,fromages frais.


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