At the beginning of the 17th century, it is thought that a gentleman by the name of Ciorac founded the Siaurac estate, towhich he gave his name. In 1832, Pierre Brisson, the chairman of the Libourne Council and the Caisse d’Epargne savings bank, bought the property from the mayor of Néac, Monsieur Rabion.

17世纪初始,一位名叫Ciorac的绅士建立了肖萨克酒庄。这就是酒庄名字的由来。1832年,利布尔讷委员会法国松鼠储蓄银行主席Pierre Brisson从Néac市长Rabion先生手里购买了这个酒庄。


His son Benjamin Brisson had the Housebuilt in the XVIIIth century style. His grandson Joseph, the mayor of Néacand a Gironde member of parliament, commissioned L. B Fischer, the best landscape designer of his time, to create a romantic park in place of the vinesin front of the House and bought nearby vineyards, turning Siaurac into the largest estate in the area.

他的儿子Benjamin Brisson依照18世纪风格建筑了房子,他的孙子Joseph,Néac的市长,国会吉伦特成员认命了当时最好的风景设计师L. B Fischer把肖萨克酒庄改造成了当时最大的庄园。



In 1897, in Saint-Emilion, he bought the Premier Cru des Cordeliers, a vineyard founded in the 17th century by the Berthomieu de Meynot family, and renamed it Le Prieuré. He also purchased Domaine des Grands Champs near Trotanoy in Pomerol.

1897年,在圣爱美浓,他买了Cordeliers的一级葡萄园,该葡萄园由Berthomieude Meynot家族建立于17世纪,并将其更名为Le Prieuré。他同样也购买了临近波美侯卓龙酒庄的Domaine des Grands Champs酒庄。



In 1949, his daughter Madeleine andson-in-law Louis Guichard bought Château Vraye Croix de Gaye close to Petrusand merged it with Domaine des Grands Champs. Their son, Olivier Guichard, secretary for General de Gaulle and a state minister, launched in 1998 the modernization of the vineyard. When Olivier Guichard passed away in2004, Paul Goldschmidt became the general manager and accelerated the process of modernisation. Between 1998 and 2013 half of the vineyards were replanted, carefully taking into account the results of soil study analyses, and the cellars were renovated and updated.

1949年,他的女儿Madeleine和女婿LouisGuichard买了靠近柏图斯的Château Vraye Croix de Gaye,将其与Domaine desGrands Champs并在一起。他们的儿子,Olivier Guichard,是戴高乐将军的秘书,一个州部长。他在1988年实现了葡萄园的现代化管理。当Olivier Guichard在2004年去世的时候,Paul Goldschmidt成为了总经理并且加速了现代化的过程。在1998到2013年间,一半的葡萄园被重新种植了。并且严密进行土壤的分析。酒窖被翻新和修缮。

Paul Goldschmidt has made it his mission totake the wines to the highest rank in their appellations and to create at Siauraca unique showcase for the wines. The path has been long since 2004, andprogress has been constant.

在Paul Goldschmidt的努力下,肖萨克独特的葡萄酒系列成为产区的明星葡萄酒。从2004年起,就未曾停止其脚步。



In 2014, Artemis Domaines (Groupe FrançoisPinault) have taken a minority shareholding stake alongside Paul Goldschmidt.Their arrival, and the technical agreement which followed from it, has broughtthe estate new impetus: Pénélope Godefroy who arrived from the Château Latourteam, has taken over the technical management. While the vine-growing methodsare set to become organic and/or biodynamic, Siaurac and its grounds have beenrenovated, and visitors to the estate can enjoy genuine and unforgettablemoments of pleasure.

2014年,Artemis Domaines(Groupe François Pinault)持少量股份,Paul Goldschmidt也持股。他们的到来给酒庄的技术层面带来了新的冲力。从拉图酒庄团队来的Pénélope Godefroy已经接管了酒庄的技术管理。葡萄藤的生长是有机的,生物动力的。肖萨克和他的葡萄园都被革新,拜访者可以在酒庄享受纯天然的无法忘怀的愉悦时光。



In Lalande de Pomerol, Château Siaurac isat Néac situated on an extension of the Pomerol plateau. With 46 hectaresalmost in one single block in Lalande de Pomerol, located on an extension ofthe Pomerol plateau at Néac, Château Siaurac is both the largest and the mostemblematic estate in the appellation. 46ha,75% Merlot,20% Cabernet Franc,5% Malbec.



Winemaking Team酿酒团队

Pénélope Godefroy is the technical managerof the estates. An agricultural engineer and an oenologist, she was previouslypart of the Château Latour technical team, where one of her tasks was toconvert the Artémis Domaines vineyards to bio-dynamic growing.

佩内洛普高德是酒庄的技术经理,她是农业工程师和葡萄酒工艺学家。她曾经就职于拉图酒庄的技术团队。其中之一的任务就是将Artémis Domaines葡萄园转变为生物动力法生长。

Together with her team she is committed toapplying methods of excellence which pay careful respect to the raw material,to the sharing of values and putting them into practice. Priority is given toexploring the richness and potential of the terroirs. This exciting missionimplies both patience and humility. Jean-Claude Berrouet, the former winemakerof Pétrus, brings his advice and unrivalled experience of the Bordeaux rightbank.



                                                              Baronne de Siaurac



100%美乐Merlot | 14%vol 

法国France | 750ml | 2011

拉朗德波美侯Lalade de Pomerol


葡萄原料源自肖萨克酒庄Baronne Guichard家族庄园,酒体圆润,有橡木风味,适合年轻5-6年内饮用。事宜搭配烤肉,野味儿,异域食物,巧克力甜品。made with grapes from Château Siaurac, the family estate of the Baronne Guichard. Round, tasty with a touch of oak, drink in its youth during 5-6 years. To be enjoyed with: roasts, pies, game, exotic recipes, chocolate deserts…

                                                            Château Siaurac肖萨克城堡葡萄酒2007


80%美乐Merlot,20%品丽珠Cabernet Franc

拉朗德波美侯Lalade de Pomerol

13.5%vol | 法国France | 750ml


12个月法国橡木桶陈酿(15%d 新橡木桶),可在2011-2025+达到完全成熟。梦寐的酒款,黑樱桃和香料味道,饱满多汁,骨架平衡。12 months in French oak barrels, 15% new oak. Peak maturity is from 2011-2025+. A dream value wine. Black cherries and spices. Full, juicy and quaffable. Wonderful generosity and great structural balance.


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